The Suspects

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This involves a lot of challenging negotiations with some pretty slippery people. Hope you enjoy it.


Great and fantastic but.......

It was way to abviouse! I beat it within 7 minutes! You just need some common sence and a little luck! Good suspence though! bye the time i finished reading the newspaper articles I thought about it and realised that it couldnt have been any of them and that it was probly somone in higher power.

its an ok game

its an ok game but its hard, and i really wanted to play all the games in a row and not have to become a member to play some of them..


This story keeps getting better and better as the build-up goes on. I'm looking forward to the thrilling climax of it all.

Tough game

Had my suspicions from the start, but getting the evidence together was another matter... good game.

Very nice

Awesome game. And now the moment you've all been waiting for. The How-To-Beat the game faq. (Even tho tabitha123 made one already, here's the real one where you only go thru the IMPORTANT stuff) Plus you don't need extra time. 16 hours is enough and you can beat it using less than 10 hours.


1. Accept your 16 hours and get to work. (Don't waste time talking)
2. Visit the murder scene. Examine the watch, zoom out, examine the bracelet and the tire iron. Leave and tell the police officer to take the body for autopsy and agree to the tire iron stuff.
3. Visit Dr. Russel. Ask if she has any enemies. And then ask if there was a man in her life. Leave.
4. Visit Angie's home. And just leave. Skip the neighbor! Just leave. That's right... JUST LEAVE!
5. Visit Yale and just leave. Yes.. LEAVE AGAIN! Do nothing! Don't talk to Yale!
6. Crabtree scene. Ask to interview Ted. And then do nothing, just leave! LEAVE! Don't talk to Ted!
7. Visit Ted's wife, Bridget. Tell the lady that you're a police officer (option 1) And then the 3rd option. Show her the bracelet, then what it stands for, then ask when Bridget took it, where is she, and finally, ask her you want to speak with her. She'll tell you about Rolf Klink and select to view the newspaper and select the last headline about 400 jobs.
8. Back to the police station - Tell the guy that Ted didn't do it. And that he has an alibi about the pizza (even though you didn't visit his place to see this evidence... lol). And finally.. Explain Rolf Klink to him.

Well there ya have it. Less than 10 hours ^_^

Again.. very nice game.

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Jan 8, 2004
10:38 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click
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