The Suspects

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This involves a lot of challenging negotiations with some pretty slippery people. Hope you enjoy it.


A correction to Silent_Harpoon's spoiler...

You DO can negotiate more time. I thought at first we couldn't, but in the end it says, you should've negotiated more time and it's true. You can get 24:00 hours..
1) Say you sense there is animosity between you and ask what you did to upset him.
2) Tell him you perform better when you feel good about yoursefl and his verbal abuse is having a negative effect in you self esteem. (yeah, this option!)
3)Acknowledge that he is obviously upset about something you said etc etc etc
4)Chosse the one that says that you worked so har sunday night...the one of your dog biting you.
5)Thank him very much and you get the 24 hours. you you choose the other, you get eight only, so beware......

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Lennie Briscoe never had to put up with this shit.

Great. Just fucking great. I had to repeat the whole boring goddamned investigation just because the detective never learned how to draw his fucking gun. He was probably asleep during that particular training exercise judging from the amount of naps he requires in a single day. I just had him get some rest at home and by the time he arrives at the prison to interview the number 1 suspect, he's already sleepy again. Personally, I have no problem with narcoleptics, but there are some jobs they just shouldn't be allowed to do. Like solving murders, for one. Apparently this stupid asshole has never heard of NoDoz, or Folger's.

The game's main faults are two; primarily, though it is supposed to be logic-based, many aspects of it are illogical, such as the fact that anyone would unload on a detective with a shotgun in broad daylight. Also, it is infuriating to take extra steps just to compensate for the faults of the protagonist; it is not the player's fault the detective told off his boss, nor should the player have to trudge through the entire game just because the detective does not possess the reflexes necessary to defend himself against a feeble old lady who can barely even lift the instrument of death she points at him.

Despite these flaws, the game does serve as a training exercise to anyone attempting to negoatiate additional time on a work assignment from an unforgiving boss; just tell an idiotic joke about your beloved pet attacking you and the bastard will not only grant your request, he'll probably give you a raise in the bargain. No supervisor can resist an endearing anecdote about animal antics, and this hardened yet homosexual police superintendent is no exception.

'Tis good!

The graphics were excellent, and the idea was astounding. It was nice and interactive. The only thing that let it down was the fact that the sounds were a little too repetitive. But overall, great job!

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i really liked it!!

great game i really liked it but there is toko much detail in it and it takes too much time if u really get interested in it...the start is great as long as u dont haev to wait too long for the load..u start playing from the 20%!


That was gr8!! Well done mate.

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Jan 8, 2004
10:38 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click
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