Pet Pub 2

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In this Episode Hoppie dies and the guys have to figure out what to do with his Dead body

Some of the same Problems with sound as last time. The Animation has been improved. If you have any problems or cant understand any of the Dialogue tell me
The Third is Coming Soon
Be Kind Re...view



And I thought the first one was fucked up as hell.

You still have problems with sound, music (which I can fix), and very very little animation problems.

I like that bear saying "EXPLODE!!" and then bursting in flames.

And the turtle and the very end with his laught animation a la Ren and Stimpy.

Like I said, I can make this thing better!

Cause I am Eags.com, or something.


See ya later.

Samiam111 responds:

God Damn You Josh Eagel, You Strike Again!


The only thing i didn't like was the scene transitions...they're a hell of alot better than mine, and I'm thourouly...is that how it's spelt? Oh well, pleased to work with you.

This is great stuff

I thought this was very humorous, from the beggining until the end. This is very well drawn all though the sound is a bit off, i thought this was a great flash

*adding to favorite authors.


Man that was so stupid. Me and my toes can make a better and less shakier cartoon then that. Not to mention the sound. If i wanted to hear that crappy sound wave i would of farted and took a dump on my own chest. Plus where were the Peubs, I was promised peups from the freakin title. Little did i know it was a worthless as my own, which isn't much. You should die for this video!!!

p.s. I like at eat peubs.


Samiam111 responds:

listen i like hate mail as much as the next guy but if you would've read the author comments i specifically said NO PUBES you got that pal NO PUBES if your gonna insult someone at leat be able to spell dumbass, Its people like you who keep reality TV on the air.

not bad at all

its a hilarious cartoon but it has some of the same problems as the last one. the mouths continue to move after the speaking stops and the sounds can be choppy and inaudable, but over all its great. cant wait for the next one!

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3.37 / 5.00

Jan 8, 2004
9:33 AM EST
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