Domestic Partners 7

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EPISODE 7: Pants
Roommates Dixon, Will and TOL-M play everyone's favorite party game. That's right, "Pants"!

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Sniggle's terribly funny play about roommates Will, the slob, and Dixon, the neurotic, was first committed to film in this 2003 internet production, directed by Sniggle and Sheal of SniggleZone.com fame. Perfectly timed, ingeniously rendered, not a hair out of place in the history-making performances of Sir Albert Sniggle and Jack Sheal (or the great supporting cast), Domestic Partners is a web series that one just has to see every two or three years to stay happy. The poker-game sequence in which Will's cronies seem to be falling under the sway of fussy Dixon's talent for making sandwiches is priceless. -Marta Stewart, NY Post



Well frist off the intro was very well presented. graphics: Well this was a nice style of waterpaint like animations. Characters lacked some animation movements and they were a bit choopy, but this had a vatriety of some creative characters. The voices were well fitted with each characters and this also have some funny diolauge. The motor bike scene with the house tour was a nice funny idea and it added alot of humor to the plot. The theme of the movie to have cut scences and and some short humor skits was a nice idea. This movie style also was neat dude to, the "cant find" Storyline and this flash film was well done.

Overall a funny flash movie with some solid voice actions. Backrounds were not to back and pretty well colored. Music and backround sounds were solid. Not much animation but the diolauge jokes were great.

snigglez responds:

Excellent feedback! We honestly appreciate it!


Excellent work, sheer brilliance, witty comedy-graphics could use some work or tweaks, but overall 10, very very funny.

snigglez responds:

Thanx! Graphics are spcifically where we (believe it or not) spend a good amount of time. The stories, and I'm not making this up, really do write themselves. Coloring those damn cells just takes forever! Thanks for the feedback!


10... Brilliant.

The humor makes up for the graphics :D

Really funny. Graphics wheren't bad, just not good. Not too much of an eyesore though, and pretty funny. I'd like to see more of this with better graphics. I know its hard to do graphics, sometimes, they aren't needed though.

snigglez responds:

That was the goal. Excellent humor, sub-par art/animation. Primarily to get you to focus on the humor. There are parts, however, where a visual gag is a "must"!



snigglez responds:

I agree one BILLION percent! We weren't real fans of 5 or 6, but were able to learn from the character development mistakes, and make them funnier.

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3.52 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2004
6:26 PM EST
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