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People still seem to use this tutorial, better check out _ULTIMATE TUTORIAL 2_, it also covers this subject.

My second tutorial. It's how to make a simple game. It's only for beginners (but you already have to know a little bit about flash)
Please put it in the review if you found something in the tutorial thats not correct. And review if you have any tips for me. Note: The may be a few grammar/spelling foults in this tutorial, but thats because i'm not english. Hope you like my new tutorial!


Good Job

Like you said you do need to know a little bit about flash before you can fully understand this tut. I enjoyed it and thought this was a great guide no not great perfect, exactly the way they should make tutorials, step by step and to the point. Good Job

same problem as Sylph

i think i have a l8er version aswell >:(

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Probably, this tutorial is pretty old, its a Flas 5 tutorial, so you are 2 versions ahead of this tut, lol

VERY!!!! helpful thanks man!!!!

this really helped me with flash!!

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those whos enemy not following

if your enemy is not following, check your player's instance name under the type of object it is (movie clip, button, graphic) if its player then just copy the script, if not u have to change the script alittle(if (_root.player._x > _x) [into] if (_root.char._x > _x) because my character's instance name is char)

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Help! please...

After putting the script in button to count ( you know the last thing of this tutorial) it don't count... in test i press the button and the number don't change... i checked the instance names but they are correct...
If you have some idea about what's the problem...
And thanks for this tutorial!!!! You don't know how it helped me! I saw all your tutorial, all helped me very much!!

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Jan 7, 2004
1:15 PM EST