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Cheat : randomamv

Have fun!


A huge disgrace to Love Hina.

Okay, I understand the fact that you wanted to create a dating sim based on a phenominal manga, but you have seemed to twist it into minor's fantasy. Considering the fact that the only REAL relation to the manga is the characters and the scenery, you have horribly morphed a work of art. As a Love Hina fan, I believe you should have followed the storyline to a much greater extent. You have seemed to create a game based on cocaine dealing and fighting, that only has the shell of it's Love Hina title. Only people who don't know what Love Hina is will rate this even halfway decently. You desperately need to read the books and watch the anime, so I suggest that you get to work right now, so that you can create a much better Love Hina game by the end of the year.

one of the best sim dates ever!!!

seriously even though there was a difficulty level which put me to the last day i still had fun playing through the whole game and the dragon warrior 3 style fighting system was fun overall this game is something all people should see and enjoy


That game was funny as hell! man, and everybody DID kick the shit outta me! all my 5 r belong to this ;D

This game is flat out bad!

I don't know about you, but I don't expend the better part of my energy saying "Hello" to a person. I found it hard enough getting out of the place without losing all my hp, and I definately didn't have enough hp to train anything. I'm still trying to figure out how introducing yourself, and rigorous training can take up the same amount of my energy. It was a poor concept,and poorer gameplay.


I was just reading the other reviews and I came across one guy's who said this has been on NG for a while, it's gay, writing your own reviews, etc. I have to respond to that as to I am offended by his comments (and knowing he cant respond back in this review forum hehe) 1: This is a brand new game, has not been out for years, the show has yes (knowing I have episodes 1-22 , both specials, and Love Hina 2 - 1 and 2 (I'd have to find the CD's) Anyways, 2: It's not gay, some of the characters really do drink a lot of alcohol... dunno bout crack tho... But originality is a must as well. 3: No, he is not writing his own reviews. I for one am not this talented to create such a game. And now my words of wisdom: 1: Shinobu is my favourite character of them all, she's cute, all the rest are either too weird, too hyper (Kaolla), too mean (Naru) or just not to my tastes. No I'm not some 20 year old perv (I'm not even 16). 2: Very nice interactivity we have goin here. I LOVE the part where you dont have to date the girls, but that and training is pretty much all you can do here... 3: I love the Love Hina series, plain and simple, seen 'em all, loved e'm all (although it was 2 years ago since I last watched one). And finally 4: NG needs more love hina stuff (great series, a little short, but not enough fan stuff, too much DBZ)

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4.26 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2004
12:39 AM EST
Simulation - Dating
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