Love Hina sim date RPG

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Cheat : randomamv

Have fun!

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Cheat for beating the IQ test theincredibleyou

also might be a bug. but it advances 7 days when going on dates....

It's been like six or seven years, but I always find myself coming back to this game! Even gave the anime a chance. Thanks for making this!

1 code; moneygrowsontrees

It helps that Klacid is so talented. This really was a big and massive world. I appreciated how realistic it was. It wasn't just meeting this one girl and talking her into having sex. I'm looking at you, Meet 'N Fuck! Well, the title does make more sense.

I remember the song from "JamezBond (Fanimutation)" which was itself from "Love Hina". How suiting! I don't know that much about the series. Everything is well put together. Seems like this anime is mostly forgotten nowadays.

Chicken was a bit annoying and for some reason it's only 100 days which is way too short. Also these crazy girls kept trying to fight me on the first day, but didn't bother me after that as long as I never left my room. Other than that it's the best sleeping simulator I've ever played. 10/10, would sleep again.