Shaking Baby

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Well this is another between project time filler that i made yesterday and spent some of today looking for audio.

Hope you enjoy and will respond to all posts, hopefully however most of them will be constructive.
Just a funny idea.
Watch and hope you like it.

I got audio from flaskit.com and a1freesounds.com and the songs are by dj ztrip and Glen Miller and also so various He-man fan sites.


refreshingly good

Having watched a buynch of crap so far today on NG, its been great to see a video with great graphics, a funny-yet-sick storyline, and an overall smooth and polished finished - not to mention the cool introduction. Great Work!

hehe... funny

You really can't have the three phrases vibrator, baby and he-man in the same story/animation without it being kinda odd and funny. Good job on the animation and funny comments at the end. Just one thing...you should have added on to it. Judging by the intro (which was great), I thought of it as some sort of a sitcome thing, which it almost was... and I'd have to say that getting dropped into a garbage can as a baby would mess you up more than a vibrator... personal experience. Good job!

Pewbert responds:

whoa your experience sucked. but if i used that i couldn't name it shaking baby and that is all i wanted was a wierd way for a child to get the disorder. thanks for the review


for some reason i was expecting the girl to shake the baby...oh well, thats another flash, eh?

Pewbert responds:

yeah thanks and she did kinda shake the baby but just witha vibrator as a pacifier.


that was stupendes, very interesting way to calm down your little sister when your trying to watch the televisionand your mum is asleep, lol it was nicely drawn and i loved the intro, good stuff keep em coming

Pewbert responds:

hahahah the intro is my favorite part of the whole animation. Thanks for the review

That was hilarious.

At first I thought this was going to be inappropriate, but it turned out to be funny. I like the disclaimer at the end to. Very responsible. Make more like this please.

Pewbert responds:

thanks i will try to make more but i am doind bigger animations that are better

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Jan 4, 2004
8:25 PM EST
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