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NOT Another Sprite movie

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UPDATE: SCENE SELECTION MENU AND REPLAY BUTTON ADDED!!!(something i should've done long ago)

(NOTE: If at some point the movie goes out of sync...just right click, pause and play again)My first movie of this year...first things first..The movie it's DUMB...it's about all the stuff that i see everyday in the NG portal when it comes to sprite movies...stupid titles..bad voice acting..pointless fights...incredibly bad grammar..dumb plots..DBZ..you know the usual..just a big joke about all those things...i had to cut in 2 parts because the movie was getting too long..just rate it if u have time to watch it all..it's around 12 minutes long...i hope you like it and please leave your reviews..thanx

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The wise man is indeed wise.

I really liked it

This is really great the naimation is good, sound effetcs are awesome and fit really good, the camera work is nice, the plot is good, and its just plain funny! Nice job keep doing this please dude it's awesome


i laughed at the part when mario: Thank you for doing that to my friend Mr.I-blow-up-shit-for-fun!


nice blend of comedy and fighting. nice sound quality and the visuals where decent enough

besides sprite tv.....

this has got to be the funnest sprite movie so far! its got my 5/5 its action and comedy blend perfetly.