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it's all updated and much much better!!!!!!!!! the torture scene is awesome!!!!!!!



So many ppl so little time to kill them, oh well, the graphics werent the best but there was alot of good quailty violence which was very good to see, keep it up!

very cool

that was very cool i luved it, and i must say u really have somthin here. You could make this into a series about that guy fighting a bunch of monsters and going on a adventure. This guy looks cool enough for the part. Anyway good job and i was wondering could i use this guy for some comics i was makin in my spare time, if i can would you email me with the answer. Send the response to scoots2004@adelphia.net
Thanks and keep this goin

Not Bad

I thought it was pretty cool...actually I love torture ..and I kinda agree with lildarkangel....you should get an s&m sado chick with a strap on to rape him ..that would be great ..I think I have to go change my lacy black panties now...feeling a little....damp!!!

lucidproductions responds:

hmm..i shall think about it. seems like a good idea...


First off, I must say that the previous reviewer is a F***** retard. YOU CAN'T BLAME GAMES LIKE THIS FOR WHAT HAPPENED IN COLUMBINE! That's like saying that violent games inspired the 9/11 terrorists to blow up the WTC buildings. So STOP blaming games for the problems in the country, it give's games a bad wrap. I do agree with him that it is pointless violence, and it is sorta boring. Definetly something that you'd only watch once. Animation was ok. drawing was ok, but it can be ALOT better.

This sucked

More mindless violence without a reason to have it. Welcome to the makings of Columbine. I just hope that when you go into shoot up your school that they don't blame music. Blame the morons who thought it would be a good idea to shoot up a school. Seriously, this is just bad and boring.

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2.21 / 5.00

Jan 3, 2004
6:53 PM EST
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