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It's basically a more intense version of pong... the paddles have pivots so they can swat the ball, and if the ball is in play long enough you can activate the multi-ball for even more mayhem.

This is actually one of my older games, but some friends told me to throw it on here so...


You know..

People dont' appreciate the time it takes for people to make these kind of movies, most of the people who critisize these makings don't even know how to use flash, so don't be irrational and prejudice by saying these things suck, because about 76% of you can't do any better, i'm not trying to insult anyone but you ARE being real jerks, that moonkishbooble or whatever guy doesn't even have movies that he made, so he sits there talking about ripping, hell, I cant' even make movies so I dont' sit here bagging on other peoples work, I tried making a flash and i didn't understand at all, even with the tutorials, it always ending up as sticks, but i'm still trying, so don't be a dumbass and say shit that you can't back up.

its very ok

the only part i thought was funny was the announcers voice other than that and violence it was ok


this is a good game...challedging and SMALL!


I love pong type games, but a lot of the ones on Newgrounds suck. But this one was different, it was good.

Very addictive game

I like this game. I like it a lot. You should make it a bit more challenging. That would be great.

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3.45 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2001
12:33 PM EST
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