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A Look: Metal Gear 2

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The second part of A Look: Metal Gear. Nothing else much to say, just go ahead and watch it. I ripped ALL SPRITES! So don't ask where I got them from.

I've noticed there are a few errors in the movie itself, and I will fix 'em as soon as I can. I would have sooner, but my comp. is bein' a bitch, and I gotta fix it first.


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that was funny

I'm getting beaten!!!

Funny as hell bro!

Not the real metal gear

The NES game didn't start it all. Konami botched the America. The origonal Japanese version was completely different. It also just wasn't funny or epic or what ever you were going for. Sorry to say this but it's not woth watching. My suggestion, work on your writing and accuracy. But you did a good job with the Sprites.

A lot better.

Well with nearly two years between the first one and second one i expected some improvements and you didn't disappoint this was a lot better,sprite motion was a lot smoother and the text boxes looked a lot neater and just the overall quality was great,excellent job.

very cool

it is amazing that a sprite movie is better than some of the crap out there. Funny and filled with craziness good job