DVP: Soul Vengeance

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I must first start off by apologizing about the huge file that our first movie,(Primal Lords) contained. We took into account the advise that was given and applied it to this new movie that is far more of a smaller size. look out for Primal Lords 2 very soon. However, as for Soul Vengeance, imagine superman that just had up to ears with evil villians. His solution for crime will not be pretty. Hope you enjoy.


Brilliant Artwork

I'll start by congratulating you on the still artwork. The various walls, bridges and other scenery drops were amazingly drawing with impressive attention to detail, and they slid into perspective perfectly and seamlessly.

The voice acting was realistic and expressive but could have been improved with a hiss reduction. Your sound effects were synchronised and atmospheric and blended with the style of voice and with the background music.

Usually in a movie with artwork that is of such a high quality the animation begins to lack, but the animation in this piece was stunning. Not only the frame by frame animation of the main character's movements, which is a seriously impressive sequence, but also the gradients of the stormy weather changing brightness. The walking animation of the character when he first seen I thought was a little extreme, but it isn't a big problem.

The plot I'd say was purely generic, if I can even say there was a plot at all. I'm not sure if this plans to expand as a series but it a quality piece of animation in any case.

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Good, but..

Well, we already know that you're a good flash artist and I must say you have improved alot since I last saw primal war ^^. It's a good flash, well animated and nice action tension. I only miss a thing and that is good sounds. Although most of the sounds are good, IMo the voices of the characters were barely hearable. You could solve this by either making better voice-overs or, like with the mutant, make subtitles so we can read as well. Anyway, overall it was good and nice to watch.
Keep going on!


It was good. But it skipped and froze often on my 1.80 ghz, so crappy computer users beware.

Keep up the good work :)

Pretty good for a preview but...

DON'T MAKE PREVIEWS!!! there are 2 reasons why you should-

1. People would be buggy you about it alot, and "if" the flash sucks, they will be complain, and nag.

2.It won't get such good ratings

I thought it was pretty good, I'm a nice guy, aren't I?

Like the idea now make more

I think i saw an episode of batman where he had it up to the ears with villains though he turned pansy again at the end reminds me in a faint way of spawn but with allies and not as evil

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3.84 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2004
9:06 PM EST
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