DVP: Soul Vengeance

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I must first start off by apologizing about the huge file that our first movie,(Primal Lords) contained. We took into account the advise that was given and applied it to this new movie that is far more of a smaller size. look out for Primal Lords 2 very soon. However, as for Soul Vengeance, imagine superman that just had up to ears with evil villians. His solution for crime will not be pretty. Hope you enjoy.


it was fine

it was good but it had somewhat choppy word choices. it was too short and too heavy for flash. otherwise good. good choice of lettering. i liked it alot.

its fine but...

1. is too heavy (in file size) for a flash movie. it really could be softer.

2. as HundreDegrees said. the history is to common

3.the flash resourses are made for make an easy animation. wich you didn´t used too well

im not a expert at all. good work. improve more and you´ll get far. (Y)


with great animations and great graphics, you get a great flash movie. Finally, a rare, quality movie that has risen above the daily junk of other flash works.. i havent seen this kind of professionalism for quite a while already..

the only bane of this movie is that its too short, but i guess its just an introduction right?
And also that the storyline is too common? ( juz like batman and his justice friends.. =p )well keep up the good work and continue with the series !!


i got chills down my spine at the end


great, this movie had some incredible stylem the character animations were in a unique style and were like in a comic book. The intro was well presented for thist short film, but the thinder and lighting affects added a neat affects and the evilness to the terror and evil. The narrator was well voiced and the voice acting was great. the animations ran smooth and were in a fresh style almost television like. The backround detail also had some great graphical coloing and were creative. This was a nice style a short mini like intro presenting villain and heros.

Overall well animated film in a fresh style of graphics, and the music and voices,sounds added a neat "super hero" affect and also this was well presented. A bit too short and hard to follow but a series would be awsome.

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3.84 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2004
9:06 PM EST
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