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Global Domination

rated 2.56 / 5 stars
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Jan 2, 2004 | 7:00 PM EST

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Author Comments

It isnt actually an animation though its an intro page to a multigaming clan site. Ive never used flash for this kinda stuff before just for lil animations like text tweening for websites and stuff like that. Im not submitting this for credit cos i know there is some damn hot talent on ng but rather because ng is the home of the critics and i need some constructive criticism. If i have a goal its to not be blammed but if u think its shit by all means blam away i dont want people saying well its your first time so ill let u off blah blah.....



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Put some more pictures in that little montage section. It gets kinda old.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

a good start

a good sense of drama... maybe a few seconds too long.. but in this day of quick fixes... let 'em wait a bit! ....and it all makes a pretty good point. look forward to seeing it evolve.

btw. thanks for the kind words today before jen's day got canned. my girl put a lot of sweat into it and laughed herself to sleep most nights after working on it. honestly.... if you love your own work, who gives a *$%#! if others don't get it. but she's glad you did!

keep up the great work!


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Can not find sufficiant creator..

The creator of this must see in fast motion because I was about to fall asleep. Thats what I was thinking when I was watching this! Good message, but put out poorly. It could have been done in less time. i.e. see

You have a unique an interesting style for what I've seen besides the point of the cartoon. You have great talent for that, and you pursist on making more cartoons.

Just remember timing is a good key to a good cartoon. Getting the point across can get more or less powerful within time.

Also, the history you showed was barely anything that happened compared to our whole human history. Everyone knows that, and they'll notice it when they see it. It would of been good if you showed more pictures and included the ones you had there.

Good effort anyways, and good luck for your future work, you have a lot of artistic talent.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Cool Concept, needs a little tweeking

In addition to what JeWBiE had to say, I'd like to add that I thought it is a cool concept. I'm not sure what a "multigaming clan site is, but if it's like a website, 844kb is really big to make your viewers wait around for. If the loading and scanning sequence was an actual pre-loader that occured while the viewer was waiting for the rest of the movie, that would be cool.

The window like JeWBiE said was a little off. Go to Blizzard's website and look at the artwork for the Human race of StarCraft for inspiration.

The sound came in low volume for me. But other than that, it was pretty good. Keep it up.

D3X responds:

Cool Im deffinately gonna use that one, The loading and searching n shit in a preloader nice.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not bad.

First of all -- you should really set your movie's FPS to anywhere from 25 to 30 before you begin making a movie. This yields a smoother animation and makes it more visually pleasing. If you don't know how to do it, you simply go to Modify->Movie. Then, change it to the desired FPS. Keep in mind that, since the frames are going by quicker, you'll need to place actions in proportion to the FPS.

Secondly -- it had pretty good animation, but it seemed to take too long with the "loading" and "scanning" stuff. When it finally did get to the "reviewing human history", I noticed that the pictures used were only from recent times -- and they kept looping the same pics. I kept seeing Saddam's ugly ass face popping up :\ Just put in a bunch more pics from earlier time periods and it should be fine. Aside from that, I thought it was a cool effect.

Thirdly -- I'm assuming you want a "techno"-type look to the surrounding border that appears in the second half of the movie? If so, it was not really achieved. It looks more like stone, but it doesn't look bad.

Overall, the movie was kind of sporadic and didn't really seem to have anything to do with the clan. Since you ARE a gaming clan, maybe it would be more worthwhile to make the movie into separate clips of "slideshows" of pics from the different games you play. Then tie that into the title of the clan somehow... ya know, like show shots of you guys winning games and stuff and then show like a picture of the world being obliterated or something then fade to white and fade back to black with your clan title appearing. That would be cool... you could use a pic from Terminator 2 or something. Haha.. sorry I got carried away.

Hope I helped :P
Good luck.

D3X responds:

O.K So there it was... the mother of all reviews lol. some darn good readin there. LOL ANYWAY! i have read and consumed every single piece of advice there and im extremely Gratefull for it all. Your ideas about my designs being far from the a clan thiny ma bobby shit stuff cant remember well anyway i personaly achieved the style i set out to so obiously this being my first ever animation in flash ever (Over 10 frames) it was a target which i met. I like the style and my members do. I have to be honest though your imagination isnt the greatest part of your conscious thought. You have just described to me just about every single clans sites intro page which just proves how unimaginative and uncreative everyone is. So i was aiming fro originality but trying not to stray too far off the subject which was Global Domination. Obiously the intro was about comparing our clan to some world leaders and all the weapons n stuff simbolise power and shit like that. Fucking ESSAY HERE SO IM GONNA SHUTIT NOW! O yeah and thanks agan for your help and yeah the pictures are looped im sorting it seems thats the one thing everyone ive shown this to has noticed.