Dildo For My Daughter

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A man gets a dildo for his daughters sweet 16 and goes through a big adventure


Isn't a dildo a penis?

Absolute Genius

This has got to be one of the funniest Flash films that I have seen on Newgrounds; with genuinely funny humour, this could have turned out completely bad but was done perfectly. The poor animation and drawing adds to the charm of the whole video.

If you do decide to write a sequel, please do it in the same way that you did this one, it would make it perfect. =D

Viper-Studios responds:

it was one of my first submissions to pass into the portal. The standards were much higher then. I thought about doing a sequal or a remake, though the animation wouldnt be as bad because its easier for me to animate better, but I had some other ideas for a series I was going to start that will problably be really funny if I pull it off right.

what the...

o__0 ....what more could be said...


i dint really think any of it was all that funny mostly all stuff i've seend done before but the last line got me laughing "BUT I WANTED ThE PENETRATOR"

Pure brilliance

This movie is very comic and full of genuine humor and it's not complete random nonsense which i find to be very refreshing when compared to the flash movies that pass off as comedy now.

That's not to say that funny flashes aren't still being produced but it just isn't influenced by memes in any manner.

The whole concept of buyying a dildo for your daughter is highly absurd. The storyline just works on so many levels.

The audio could be a little better and the drawings could be better but i still love this movie because even with it's flaws.

It's a thing of beauty.

Something about it makes it a very entertaining watch and i highly recommend that more people see this flash right now.

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Viper-Studios responds:

You may have convinced me to make the next one. though im waiting for my cashout of vacation on my next paycheck to get a drawing pad cause fuck the mouse.

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3.94 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2004
12:36 PM EST
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