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Solo Spy Ep. 1

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A movie azrag made a movie is what your all saying and I say yes I did a stick movie its not very long but its pretty cool and it has final fantasy music which spices it up a bit.


WTF were you thinking?

the graphics stunk, there is no style whatsoever, the violence seemed to involve the main stick jumping around and kicking (if he was gonna kick the guy why did he even have a sword?), the sound was dull, interactivity involved pushing a button in a note pad, humor was nonexistant, and I think that explains my votes pretty well. Don't quit your day job buddy, cuz this just isn't working out. I didn't even know toddlers were allowed to use Flash (as that is the only reason I could think of that you would consider submitting this), but hey, anything's possible.

Wasting my life

Don't.Ever.Make.Another.Movie you are worse the the Robot Rangers.

Hoo boy

I'd only have to sympathize since you probably did it frame-by-frame but DUDE the graphics totally bite!!!

Final Fantasy music owns.


Frame by frame, original, but yeeuch the rest of it was bad.

Lol he kicked him and he flew off the screen. Why not use his jagged, corroded, crooked, dull, etc etc, sword? Hehe


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....OKAY! So one can dream, can't he?

How the HELL did this get through?

I'm not going to be abusive, but this well and truly sucks. You need to develop your characters, into people rather than sticks. You either make good stick films or crap ones. If you improve the overall quality of the film then you may have a good concept of a film.

azrag responds:

Maybe I do need to develop my charactors this is just a mini series I made and I will try to make the next episode better but the guy must remain as a stick because well in episode 1 hes a stick and if he looked like a regular guy then people be all what the $@%* he isnt a stick. But I can always inprove on the background yes thats always good.

Needs better Art

The sound was good. The story was interesting. Focus on the artwork more and you will have a good movie. As it stands now, it....sorta....how can I put this...sucks

azrag responds:

True better background art is needed yes but when you look at all the other movies out there some of the backgrounds are worse than this. But it never hurts to inprove on my skills. Ill make better backgrounds for you guys next time anyway thanks for the review. and the next episode will explain alot more about his past. Maybe I havent started working on it yet.

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Credits & Info

2.11 / 5.00

Jan 1, 2004
3:00 PM EST
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