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Sai: The Shooting Gallery

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This is our first game. The gamplay follows the traditional format of shooting


The game features both single-player and 2-player cooperative modes, as well as

multiple weapons, stages, and a strange sense of style.

Somehow tough to beat. Hopefully it will be entertaining



really wtf moe lol
honestly i didnt play for more than a min. the controls.....bad..... and it was just bad i guess but not blam worthy i guess

The main in with the game is....

THE CONTROLS, it feels completely awkward, annoying, and painful. Make sure you fix that for your net game

Your controls Lack

Your Xin flash is great in all ways but this was bland.

My only really issue with it is the controls. Arrow keys would have been a much better choice instead of the U,H,M,K thing. Mainly because your Up and Down are a key appart. this lead so that I constantly missed the down key. Oher than that nothing really blam worthy.


Everything really sucked..
Really sucked....
Ur XIN production is very good.
But this is the opposite of it...
the strong point here is interactivity,the rest i think i'll gif a 0.
It is bad,but not so bad to the extent people will puke,but reading the reviews,i think this submission is getting huge blamming....


What the hell was that. It sucked. THE MOST HORRIBLE GAME EVER. And to think I looked up to you guys. The controls SUCKED and the end boss, he DOESN'T FUCKING DIE. I blasted him for like half an hour and you what, HE WAS STILL THERE. So if your a guy who wants to play a good shooter DO NOT I repeat DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME cus you will a LOT OF ALCOHOL to forget this piece of shit.

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Credits & Info

1.91 / 5.00

Jan 1, 2004
2:07 PM EST
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