FFVII:AC Christmas Spoof

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This Flash has nothing to do with the upcoming straight-to-DVD film from SquareEnix, apart from the fact that they share the same name. I decided to create something moderately festive using the name 'Advent Children'as it seemed pretty easy to do. This is something I wrote in 5 minutes and produced in 3 weeks. It's my first proper stab at flashing, and is full to the brim with FF references.

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I luved it except for the sound in the video!

I loved it, so funny, the video especialy,except for the fact that it is so hard to hear. Every one in my house is still singing "killy kill kill' Those things creap me out too!

That was actually ok

I actually liked that Parody, and I really haven't found many advent children parodies out there, so I'm giving this a 4 for effort. Loved the part with the annoying cactaur.


Lol, that was pretty funny. I guess that's what you get when you stick Cloud and Sephiroth in a house during Christmas ^.^


Ok, very original and all, but sound wise... I was ready to explode! Come on man.... I love FF7, but the sound in this animation sucked! Animation was NOT bad at all! I am looking forward to seeing more!

this flash gets a 2.5 outa 5.

TBO responds:

Please keep in mind that I only have Flash 2, which can't have preloaders, only plays wav files and generally exports .swf files rubbishly compared to MX. If I had high quality sound, the movie would have been too big.

good job

i liked it keep up the good work

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4.15 / 5.00

Jan 1, 2004
1:09 PM EST
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