A View To A Kill: Revelry

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This is the Follow up to "A View to a Kill" (obviously). If you have not seen the first one, watch it before watching this one. othewise alot of the scenes will make no sense. if you HAVE watched the first one. this one will explain who the sniper was working for and why they wanted the old guy dead. and who the old guy was. more music, more blood, and my first attempt at voiceovers.....

soundtrack includes:
Skinny Puppy
VNV Nation
Leaether Strip and
a Perfect Circle.

ps. sorry for the file size (1.7M)I compressed the sound as much as I could and cut down on as much frame by frame animation as possible. but I promise it's worth the wait.


A lot of potential.

This movie had an interesting enough premise, very creepy, although it really wasn't pulled off very well. The press conference in the beginning was so long and... well... boring, that it made me want to close out the video (but that is really realistic for a press conference, so high-five). And the rest of the video, slow to the point of turning something engaging into something lame. This story had so much potential, its just very frustrating that the execution of telling the story made it boring. A little more speed next time. If you are a patient viewer, you will want to see this and its predecessor, other wise, you may want to skip this one.

Realy good!!!!!!!

I have some realy good sugestions for you.
1) change the theme song to Duran Duran's greatest song, A VIEW TO A KILL!
2) You should watch the movie a view to a kill, its good!
3) A view to a kill is a bond movie so you should have a small spoff of James Bond

Good flash, the guy before me should fucking get

his account deleted. This is alot like omen series, I guess you saw that movie. This is really good, I don't understand why this is your only flash work since you're really good... Damn

i didn't watch it all....

i haven't seen the first one, but i'm pretty sure that i if i wanted a crappy old movie that blends into one of those crappy old sniper-conspiracy stories, i'd go rent out some 80's cop movie from global. nice loading bar and neo-dreamer icon.

Oh, my gental Jesus....

That was amazing. Hell you get a teb and a just for using Skinny Puppy. I wish I could give a higher score. The reason I gave an 8 in sound is because it cut out funny at times. But other then that flawless, and wonderful. Why this isn't in the top I don't know.

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3.48 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2001
4:05 AM EST
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