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This is a cartoon about my buddy Ed's dramatic escape from a life of boring employment at the Art Institutes check out counter. While I have punched up the action to make the animation more exciting , Ed is an ex marine and has been known to fuck shit up. So this is also a new style for me and it helps if you have a high speed computer to get the best effect. Also I have my website up. There's cartoons I've done, comics, and contact info. Theres also hot chicks. The site is basically me being me, so go check it out. It's at www.chriscrazyhouse.com . Happy New Year.


Not bad at all

What sickens me is that people actually talk like that. 1/4 of the world is made of retards.

Very good!

Very original and cool style!!
Its cool, and hillarious!!
The punch INTO his face was funny, the YOU CANT DO THAT was hillarious!!! and the explosions were very very well done.
Big Ed is cool!!
The jump out of the building has been done really well :O!!

Heh, those people got what they deserved:)

I know their type......always whiny and wanting of something or other, or always yelling in your face when you've only done what you felt was right.:)

I totally sympathize with Ed, and I hope he gets some other people good next:).

Ta-BEE 1.2.3
Total incompetence for a new millenium.


The end music, it was from Vash The Stampede, you should know knives, I miss that show *sigh*

seems like u dont like AI s

cool and all but that student kid looked like shaggy off of scooby-doo.

and it was a little pointless but hey who dosent like gore

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Jan 1, 2004
2:44 AM EST
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