SG New Year with Emilio!

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Join Emilio, Guido's older brother, for a festive New Year's celebration with his buddies Martini & Rossi.

(This isn't a full episode of Strategy Guide. It's just something I put together quickly on New Year's Eve for fun. I'm not even using my own computer for this one, so you may notice some weirdness with the audio.)

Although this is the official Episode 3 trailer, it has absolutely nothng to do with it. Sorry. :) Look for ep. 3 on Newgrounds sometime this month!

Special Note: All donators of at least $1.00 via Paypal receive a cool SG Wallpaper for their computer desktop! It's not much, but it's the least I can do. If you're game, make sure you send an email address I can send it to! Keep in mind that I make no money off of Strategy Guide - all money goes right back into the cartoon and the domain's webservers. Trust me, no one can make a living on a webcomic without a couple years of archived work ;)



what?? no emilio for 2004??!?!?! but thats my baby daddy =0(

now that's good!

I liked the sound and graphics, there was always a float on the character which what i think makes it alot more intresting, the sound had no bad quality with that annoying SSSCCCRRRGGHHH sound(when you say s), that's a plus, the humor could have been better, but i didnt say it was bad. Great movie, keep it up! :D


Interesting. You say you did this in a short amount of time. Well, if you did so, good job. Nice idea. Even though there is barely any movement, everything is visually appealling. Keep up the good work.

Needle responds:

There's not much movement because I did it in a short amount of time :)

Also, the amount of actual time it took me is deceptive. While this took me about 7 hours, most of the pieces (background, body parts) had already been created from previous episodes. So yea, technically it took me longer. But you see, that's the great thng about Flash! The more you finish, the quicker your future projects become. It's just a matter of finishing a project :)

Thanks for the review!

Funny new year shenanigans

Not the best flash of yours, and it's not as good as the regular Strategy Guide episodes, but it's still pretty funny. Short, sharp humour, looks pretty decent although not as good as some of your other stuff. Audio didn't sound bad at all. I prefer the video game based episodes myself, but this can be appreciated by all. Nice seasonal bonus.

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Needle responds:

Thanks! I've been considering doing some shorts like this to fill in time in between the main episodes. I have a lot of interesting characters to introduce as well, so episodes like these give me the opportunity to fool around a bit.

As an experiment, I'd say the New Year's short went pretty well! Although it'll be a long time before anyone gets me to sing again. :)


LOL Great! Goes along the lines of

I'M NoT DrUnK"

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Jan 1, 2004
2:40 AM EST
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  • Daily Feature January 2, 2004