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Jacko comes clean, again.
- Note: I don't care if Jacko is innocent or guilty. This confession is still funny.
- This is an original audio Edit and Mix.
- I read all of the reviews, and it seems that this is split between people who love this type of humor and people who don't. Come on people! Laugh a little! What is life all about if you can't laugh? work. sleep. eat.
- Thanks to the Conan O'Brien staff for developing the original celebrity secrets, where celebrities share their secrets.


Fuckin Awesome voice acting

That was so hilarious, but do more topics. The prick below me obviously doesn't know that he paid off all accusations(and the proof that was found) I can't believe we are honoring and worshiping a child-molester. Nice job at nailing him in 02-03 and forever more.

look what happens when TMZ gets mad

first of all there was no fucking proof that he even molested anybod in the court cases
sure the dude was accused but there was never actually any proof
also even one of the accused kids finally admited the acussation false
any u knw wht
besides this molestation or his skin disease problem wht can u make fun of him for?
this guy earned a guiness world record for most donations to a charity
bet TMZ never told u that
most of u are just jealous that this man has revelutioned the world with his music
even kids in africa know his name
so even if u hate him u gotta still admit he influenced ur life a lot
also i believe this even before he died so shadup u KING OF POP SUPPORTING HYPOCRITES

ha ha

that well that was just odd. u should have made fun of more things

Without censors...

"I was always fucking animals and they stunk so bad, you know and uhh... I've never got a chance to fuck children. I fuck Cancer kids, Lukemia kids, I fuck animals, I fuck elephants, and giraffes, and crocodiles, and..any kinda..I fuck tigers, and lions, and we have ????? of kids. I've fucked many, many, many children. Thousands of children. I fuck their parents. I fucked eighty policeman for like, fourty five minutes. I fucked eighty policemen in one bedroom. That's how bad it was. They manhandled me very roughly. I have this tree that I have at Neverland. I call it my Giving Tree. Cause I like to fuck children. I've fucked many children under there. I've never stopped fucking children, like Jesus said to. He said, "Continue to fuck children. Always fuck children."

So, this just proves that Michael Jackson was a child molester. It's sad that he's dead (I guess) But I will never forget the fact that he used to play "boat" with children in the bathtub, or played trojan warrior and his "sword" was hidden under his cloak, or that he and the kids would eat the ice cream cones up side down. All of that proves that Jackson molested kids.

Yes, he's dead...

Sure, this isn't as funny now that he's dead. But take into consideration, those of you who are suddenly respecting him now that he's dead, that this was made when the first describing word one would use for Michael Jackson would probably be child molester, not deceased King of Pop. I'm only 14 years old, but I seem to be the only one that is able to both respect the fact that he is dead while at the same time remembering that he was a criminal. A talented criminal, but a criminal nonetheless.

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Dec 31, 2003
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