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This isn’t a story cartoon, but a design cartoon; much of what you’d see on a screen saver. So please, don’t get discouraged if you were expecting something bigger. Then again, this doesn’t just contain repeating movie clips, but ones that randomly (but pre-determinedly) change proportion and color through time, probably never repeating the same thing again.. in a million years! AMAZING.

Anyways, still nothing big, but I hope to continue this with further success of it being ever more random and more interactive. What’s interesting this was all put together with almost no programming, except for the preloader. This also goes for that reflection in the middle.

I’d also like to encourage people that they should put more thought into rating cartoons and games. We have to remember all the room that’s between the number 1 and 10! So, please, pleeeease.. before you quickly go over and click 10 immediately, think of what other things have been posted here on Newgrounds and ask yourself if it really deserves it. I’ve given plenty of 7’s, 8’s and 9’s, but I haven’t given that many 10’s.

Well anyways, I’ll quit my yappin. Check it out!



Well here was a creative movie love all the use of colors here and very stylish if you ask mme, lots of animation going on and pretty smooth if you ask me, I like the creative style here, the "MUSIC" was a nice touch here aswell, so overall a decent little animation.

Nice animation, I think you should enhance the backround maybe with some gradients and over more visuals.


Highly unique

I like your idea.The music suited nicely,but I don't really like it.You're quite correct.I can't really take two screenshots that match up the same! If you can put this into a game with some story in it,then you are a genius.

Can we put this as a screen saver?

What was that music?

Anyway, very god mans!

C360 responds:

I'm not sure, maybe you could get some kind of flash downloader and set it as a screen saver. The music is Pluxus. Thanks!!

At least this time you used color

Keep the Title screens used for #1 and #2, the music OFF button and do what you did in #3 and #4 and do it in color like you did here and I think it would be the best E-C ever.


nice job,but it was weird as hell.

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3.13 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2003
2:06 AM EST
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