Meanie McBadBad

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We first submitted this movie during Christmas eve. It didn't get that many views. We're wondering if it's because of the actual quality of the movie, or because it was on Christmas eve. We're experimenting with this style of animation for an upcoming flash series we're about to make. So yeah, I'm resubmitting this to see what happens.


what is this

what this meant to be b come on
it just a few scene over and over again dude ur last one didn't do well becuase of two reasn which u guessed right


Hahahahhahaha, this is great :D
I know Angie too. Hahahahahhahaa


haha, yeah...I know angie from rpgp...great stuff :)

Review from an older sister

That was hysterical!

It reminded me of my 11 year old bro, & the evil things I do to him or he swears to dad that I've done.

I have no clue about Angie, never heard of her, but I still understood the movie.

The hurting scenes were hysterical, "I'm going to hit you, I'm going to hit you with a shovel..."

Nice job, I love your sense of humor.

One suggestion, make the aftermath of the beating look less chessy, don't use lots of red coloring to simulate blood.

Pretty Fuckin Funny

"Hi I'm Angelo I have a little brother named jesse with a BIG head" Use that as your next movie. "I can freestyle rap pretty good, and jesse always trys to copy me. He says yo, it's a bitch ass mother fucker, all the time" This came from a real guy named angelo, use it. "jesse always complains that i kung-fu kick him and whoop his ass(he does), but he's a fucking liar." This is a real kid, please put Lucas_Pelucas and Gus_the_Bus in your credits(if you even make a movie).

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3.39 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2003
5:44 PM EST
Comedy - Original