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Yeah, some people will say it sucks ass, and it does compared to a lot of the stuff on NG, but then again others say it is good, and it is compared to a lot of crap on NG. But hey, its your opinion, watch it or not, i dont care. FYI, i will admit i am a flash newbie and this is my first public flash.
Yes the monkey may not look like a monkey but thats not the point
Note: it eventually loops the same thing over and over again throughout the whole song, so i wouldnt really sit through the whole thing, just until you get the point

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Uh, yeah okay I dig it...

I made something with that kind of animation like this before... except mine was stamped "$#!T Worthy, then it was deleted... :(

Well yours is still alive, good job! :รพ



Its wery cool movie with wery good graphics!!! And monkey looks like a monkey!!! Its cool! Please wtch my stupid movie: Reimans Studio Movie!!!!

eh, not bad

looked more like a duckbilled platypus than a monkey. oh, and dont listen to mepho-sophilist, every single one of his reviews is the same thing; "you make the portal sux why would you submit shit ............oh yea forgot to tell you, you sux." he's a fuck head, don't worry about it. not to shabby homie, keep at it.

Random-F responds:

yeah i notived that about him,and yeah i draw monkeys weird

Not bad...

Kinda long, though. It's really just the same thing for that whole song. Either add more monkeys to give it some form of plot or don't play the whole song.


that didn't even look like a monkey...it looked like a duck bill platypus more...and as we all know...platypus just cant dance

Random-F responds:

it doesnt have to be a monkey, it could be an alien warlord or something, the point is that it is dancing

Credits & Info

3.30 / 5.00

Dec 27, 2003
3:35 PM EST