Untitled Massacre

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*If you were a fan of this movie, you be glad to know the UM 3 Pt. 1 will be submitted on the anniversary of this, my first movie, December 26

If you have suggestions for the UM 3 Pt. 2 go to the forum question:


This is simply put an extremely violent stick movie with no purpose but to warp the viewers mind. There is lots of shooting, blood (too much blood) and enemies meeting some overly gory deaths. If you enjoy action movies or senseless violence, you will enjoy this.


Tweens and stick figures and terrible animation...

...but its so trippy. It's pretty comedic and violent, and so bad its good content. great job.


but.........what are you trying to do???!!?!??!?!?!??!. i mean there was lotf of violence and blood but the movie is totally crap!!!! pls and really pls try a lot more more harder cause, you are going to suffer in the future if u continue this!!!!! i like the work u put in but, is like you are not even trying to do the guns properly, you just copy and paste them...... NO WORK DONE YOU SEE!!!!!!!!!!! i like the animation but ................. im sorry i got to rate you like this , if u put some work and care for other stuff other than just violence, i would have given u an 7 at least... :(

it had lot of violence

Man that had lots of violence and blood! But I think you could have had way better graphics. It is funny waching stikmen DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Um where do I start

Well first of all why the hell were all the voices done by a 5 year old it sounded horrible the oh and the sound effects and voice shouldent be that mutch louder that the music it ruines the feeling oh and if that is you doing the voice arent you a little young to be watching violence like that. Oh and wheres the story plot I did not see a story plot. Well theres always next time I suppose. P.S. Get someone else to do the voices next time.


I cant say it was the best...but it was pretty cool.

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2.37 / 5.00

Dec 26, 2003
3:27 PM EST
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