Old Style combat

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Ok, this was ment to be a test to see what kind of movement I could make whit those sticks. It kinda looked good so I post it there. The moral at the end is : Some people don't have honor...


little short but good

like isaid it was alittle short but it was funny when he bowed and he killed him lol

verry cool

great fight seen, the cordination of sound and strikes is realistic and thet movie over all looks very realistic and draws the veiwer in. keep up the good work!


yyo whatever your name is "yggdrasil" dont be a little bitch and complain about some shit it says its a fucking flash film dont be such a dick you shitface and in other topic its was a good job and just kep up the good work

Racist SOB

The last phrase shouldnt have been there... For those who dont understand french, it says "Races(read here non-white) have no honnor (read here treacherous; from what we see in the flash)

That kind of content have no place on newgrounds and shouldnt be tolerated even if most ppl cant understand it.

Petit message pour toi Fox_111, c'est toi le traitre, qui insulte les autres races en français question d'être surs qu'ils ne comprennent pas. dis toi que quelqu'un quelquepart comprendra toujours et que justice sera faite tôt ou tard sale raciste.

FOX-111 responds:

check ben l'smatt... les races c qui?? c tout le monde, c personne... donc nimporte qui peut etre une race, donc nimporte qui peut ne pas avoir d'honneur.. Donc prend ton trou et écrase. C en français parce que j'ai fait ca pour moi, et jlé juste pas traduit.

In short in english, Races are every one, and no one, depend on who is looking. So this is not aimed at any race in particular. It was done by me and for me. It's still in french cuz I did not translated it... anyway...


smooth animation

FOX-111 responds:

tanx everyone, I did not expect that kind of score (o:
maybe I'll make something longuer in that style. This litle movie took about 5 houre to make, and there is nothing in it (o:
Im working on something good, a movie that you can influence the story, based on the newgrounds tank logo...

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3.09 / 5.00

Dec 26, 2003
11:41 AM EST
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