Blade Trailor

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kick ass

it was hard t see the people or things what ever they are but it looke great and I was wondering if you r doing your movies off the movies because he has about ever thing the one in the movie had


You really captured the depth of the music with this "dark" animation. I'm new to flash and I was wondering how you did the thing where the symbols transformed into others, I can't figured it out myself. Is it a tool or something? Anyway, Good Job, hope to see the movie soon.

Not bad

Quite good, the music was appropriate and the tweening was good.Everyone alse says that it is too dark, but i think that it is just right.
I dont like STICKMEN!, the tweening on blade, and that pointless gun bit wich loked more like a scene from a matrix spoof!
Good luk! :P

Better make it sweet.

Lots of anti stick people out there, but make the action scenes screamin and they will come. like the other guy said.


It was alright...

Like the other guy said...a lot of motion tweening done...nothing special. Kinda funny how you complained about another artist's movies having a lot of motion tweening when you've done quite abit of it yourself in this animation...at least that guy can make it work. Anybody, this needs a little work and I'm sure it'll be fine.

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3.05 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2003
10:43 PM EST
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