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leik dood!

This is liek even betta then the last one dood!
make 3 n 4 n 5 soon!!!!!

SethXv responds:

Zaki, are you following this around? lol yet again you have nice thing's to say thank's for your support zaki! ^_^

Better than last time...

It has plot, dialogue, and some action. Although, the part where the mothership from Earth is flying through space is too long (perhaps hyperspace sequence is needed).

SethXv responds:

Hyperspace sequence. . sound's like a good idea!


Well notbad work, it did seem kinda slow though, it starts off slow, and was also abit laggy, good ships though, maybe make the window smaller, for less lag...



well it looked like you put effort into it, but you really should learn more about flash before making such ambitious projects. just play around for a while insted of jumping into such detail-requiring animation.

SethXv responds:

Okay, thank's for your opinion :)

this reminds me of the xmen cartoon studio game

my first question.. werent the enemy ships just normaljet planes with flames coming out and missiles tapes to their bottoms? and 2 why was the ship flying sequence so long? just beucase it took them 40 days to get anywere doesnt mean i have to sit through it. and also.. are you the dude who stole all my chocate and coffee? if so i would really like it back.. only half digested if possible.. than q

SethXv responds:

Yesh I am the one who stole your chocolate and coffee and now I ate it all.

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2.28 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2003
10:38 PM EST
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