alien shooterific 2

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There i fixed the preloader... i think



Well best buddy you certainly made it more difficult, and I've probably become addicted I just don't know yet lol! But...

It definitely could use multiple levels, maybe a bit of storyline. I like how now it's your own health bar ,but I was hoping to see different types of cool alien things to fight, not a bunch of ships. Also the ships explosions kind of happened in area where the ship wasn't. Like the ship would fly in, you shoot it, and the explosion is above it lol. Also it'd be nice if you had some power ups so that you could replenish your shield, maybe you could have an ammo tracker so you'd have to get an ammo powerup for your gun, and gun upgrades. All that would be cool. Maybe even some shield upgrades and shit. Extra lives and such. Just a few suggestions. Ttyl Ry Guy.

rc-prime responds:

BAZLY!!! anywho yes i know all that it has been suggested previously

It`s ok...

This game is ok. That`s about it.

this is actuallly awesome

very good graphics that have an almost 3d effect as the planes fly at you to attack

animation and controls both excellent
this is a excellent game

i wish u could dodge but thats okay

i think this is a keeper
you got my 5

rc-prime responds:


Great job!

:) Right into the review!

I gave the graphics an 8, because of the problem after you shoot the aliens. (Yes, I read your reply to jjunglefeet.)

The sound was perfect, very nicely done.

Interactivity got a five, since that's what I rate most shooter games. :-P

For style, I give a 9. :) It was a VERY GOOD shooter. :-P

Violence is 8, because, very few things can be more violent than killing. ;)

Humor's a 1 cause shooting aliens is well...

Overall, you worked hard enough to deserve the 9 - and trust me, that's not a rating I give out lightly. (Anymore.)

rc-prime responds:

lol and thanx i try. the update should come out sometime next month. im tryin to make it have 3d animation but i doupt it lol

you have to fix the part when you destroy the ..

enemys. Its to confusing. At first I couldn't tell if I was hitting them or not.

rc-prime responds:

LMAO!!! yes i know ive gotten that complaint a couple of times

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2.86 / 5.00

Dec 23, 2003
9:43 AM EST
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