Jee Jaa #1: The Can

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Watch Jee Jaa Prologue to get a hold on what's going on. Jee Jaa is trying to open the can that the kid is in. The kid won't open the lid so Jee Jaa tries to open it. Enjoy!!

Please check out "Jee Jaa: Prologue" if you don't understand what's happening. Just look under "other submissions" on the bottom left of your screen. It will be there.


Very Good

I don't know what I can say against said its funny like .. I don't know.

(I haven't count Interactivity to Overall score I only needed to make something there)


i didnt really get it, but it was funny and i liked the music.. its a 4

It's got good potential to be a great series...

However, try and find some different music. You've used the same music in the prologue as in this. I must admit, I watched the second episode first, but that is my only complaint. Other than the music loop, this is shaping up to be a good series, and as I said earlier, it has potential.

had humor, but the story was a little weak.

it was funny for sure especially the bush part. just don't see why hes spending all this time trying to open a trash can..or whatever he's doing.

RawJoe responds:

Ok Crack, see, if you paid attention to me you would know what he was doing. He's knew to earth. He wants connection with life. So, the only connection he has at the moment is the kid in the can. SOOOO he tries to open it to learn about earth.

Nice stylistic touches, amusing

Mildy funny. The music was an interesting choice; not sure it went well with the theme of the animation; liked eveything up until the capture and move to Delaware(?) - which was just odd.

RawJoe responds:

It was meant to amuse. It wasn't meant to be hilarious. The catch and move to Delaware was a risk for me that I was willing to take. My next episode will be a continuation of that where he is acutally in "the architects" little TV place from the Matrix. I probably shouldn't have included the small clip of the room. But I did, so just watch the next episode and it will all make sense. Thanks for the complements.

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3.33 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2003
8:34 PM EST
Comedy - Original