Knights Fights

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i loved it

it was freakin awsome and also kinda sad wen my little was watching, he cried we the knight died

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wtf this movie sucked the animation was jumpy the stupid sword wasnt in his hand it was sticking out of his hand u made absolutely no effort to show the stab wounds i didnt even get through watchin the whole thin it was so bad


Hiya, you know, this is a flash movie like ive could never make it. Maybe not the graphics or the sound, i just cant make dramatic things. Thats the point: i love dramatic movies. The first time this movie shedded tears, the second some and the third maybe one. But hey, i dont cry anymore after watching Braveheart like 10 times.
Now dont think im a egg, cuz' its not a shame at all to be a little sensible. Or do you think machos are cool? Anyway, i liked Siegfried and the other knights. Even tough the knights were bad or Siegfried has exceptional skills, it looked coll how they move, you actually made them like a skeleton, with articulages and such. And, you know, the matrix scenes put a little fun in it, but it draws a little form the dramatica. Try putting some sadder music instead of Bomberman 64, but the LotR music was... wow. You should try making a remake, with improved graphics, take away matrix, make it realistic, and you receive another 5 from me!

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not too bad...I guess

The graphics were a bit outdated, plot was kind of cheezy, but all in all I liked it...maybe a better story would've captured my imagination...but good job anyways...


this was very good, i liked the ending and it was very good bakground.

here is a little tips, use alot time on the bakgrounds it make it look much better and the knights was very good drawn that was all. please respond

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3.95 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2003
1:34 AM EST
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