The Torture Chamber

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EDIT: This game is well-outdated. I've left it on for nostalgia purposes. - 4/4/08

Well I haven't seen this done before, although I'm sure it probably has. Anyway, the object of this game is to cause as much pain to the subject as possible without killing him.

As you cause pain, you rack up Pain Points, which determine how much pain you've caused.

Once you see it, it is pretty self explanitory.

COMBOS : To do a combo, think of 2 things that drain the sticks health (Burning and Squishing) and find a way to interact the two, like having the stick on fire and squishing it at the same time.

This is only the first version, as I will continue to update this game with more ways of altering the room, more combos, more cheats, and more PP upgrades.

Until then, enjoy this small little game.

PS : If the beeping gets annoying just turn your volume down, but it doesn't bother me.



dont listen to any one else man this game is awsome and its a classic i mean how is this a bad game and comeon its only yur firwst game yur bound to mess some things up the first time but hey u get better


The animation was not good. I know it was only the first... but come on!

i liked it but

iv played better


This One Is Really Crap, But Number Two Is Great And Number Three Is Fucking Genious!!

The Sequels Bump My Reveiw Of This One Up To 6.

Check Out Two And Three!


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the classic

And Torture Chamber 3 is coming out soon too!

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3.20 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2003
5:02 PM EST
Simulation - Pet / Buddy