Illwill gets a girlfriend

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You are sick, why is it that everyone that trys to dis Foamy or anything cloes to Foamy always goes for the gay, bloodly kinda videos...You people have to be more creative...Honestly! STOP TRYING TO DIS FOAMY!!! IT'S NOT WORKING!

Sir-CannabisClock responds:

lol gay is such an imature word to use as an insult. I cant possibly take myour stupidity seriously.


*note i have not seen this movie nor will i bother*
I only signed up not to as you will take it, as a Foamy lover rant to you for making something against their god but as someone who watchs newgrounds, i and so many people find Foamy funny and making any sort of cartoon to show hate towards shows no creativity in the creator, are you so dead for ideas? i mean you must be for making a coke can your "star"... as for one point what is wrong with foamy watches to be at any age you seem to make points that their all below 15...? why? to make yourself feel higher in the fact a guy who can make good animations only has children as followers? where as all you can create is you as a fan of yours and anyone who has no idea of what makes a cartoon... they reply with good good good great cartoon because why? they hate foamy too or did you make loads of random accounts just to make others think people think same as you... anyway another note about truth, his cartoons are funyn and true and have good points... anyway my little note is finished... *hey mom look im on websites*

Sir-CannabisClock responds:

I have not read your review, nor will I bother since I knoiw you never watched my movie ^^

Errrm, okay...

I see your point. BTW, it's not you making fun of Foamy and/or IllWillPress which icks me off, It's you using this site, a site for entertrainment, for the selfish need to make a point about your own point. And, actually, the more you guys put these kinds of things up, the more you're provving MY point. You're inferior and need to make fun for something/someone. No one's making you press the 'WATCH THIS MOVIE!' button, so why do you do it? You really ought to stop.

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Sir-CannabisClock responds:


Even though you hate me, I still respect your work

Don't listen to bohemiafish, he's a little faggot that likes to take it up the ass! I found this hilarious! Even though you did make fun of me, I couldn't help but laugh! See I am a nice guy after all! Now can you please by something from www.illwillpress.com because I really do enjoy your work. In fact, it gets me wet and I start to finger my asshole *_*

PS. this is me taking it up the ass from that sexy sexy bitch, Pube Muppet.

8=============D ((

Sir-CannabisClock responds:

For a second there I thought you were the real Illwillpress, lol. Thanks for the review!


What is it with all you people that think that you are good enough to trash illwillpress! This almost isn't worth the time to write this! Five words...sit on thumb and rotate.

Sir-CannabisClock responds:

lol Foamy fans are so stupid. You all do realize the more you defend him the more you prove our point? Thanks for helping us.

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Dec 19, 2003
2:54 PM EST
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