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Dec 19, 2003 | 1:41 PM EST

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I'm working on finding the original file, I damn hope I can find it. I'm working hard at finding it again.
Enjoy the replacement for now, it's an attempt at subliminal messaging.



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Thank god

im glad this is porn. The only reason i came cuz it said hentai and it said everyone. I had to make sure. It would not stand. But since its a troll baiter i likey :P

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i came here by accident0_0

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This was good

My favorite part was when Marcus confested his love for Carla, but knew they couldnt be together untill her father accepted him. Her father, being involved in a Mexican drug cartel, Accepts Marcus under the condition that he kills a man Named Joseph Carter. After finding Joseph, Marcus quickly relises that Joseph is infact his long lost brother whom he had been searching for all his adult life. Conflicted between his brother and the love of his life, he pays Joseph to fake his death. Marcus returns with the news that he has Killed Joseph, as part of the deal, Carla's father leaves them be. I also liked the part where 10 years past and they were to be married, at the same time the wedding is going on, Sarah, Josephs girlfriend, Mourns the death of Her beloved only to discover he is still alive while taking her child to a pond to fish, at first she exited to hear from Joseph that he had found his brother, only to be upset later to find out that Marcus had payed Joseph to fake his death, without knowing why, they quickly learn from a reliable source that Marcus will be getting married and decide to attend the ceremony. At the wedding, Carla is having second thoughts about the wedding and chooses to hide in a special spot. When no one can find her, Marcus' first reaction is to become upset as he storms away. Marcus goes to the park where he had first met Carla, and sits on a bench next to a Mysterious woman, A conversation with the woman reveales that she is actually Carla, and had gone there to test Marcus' true love for her, they quickly return the the wedding only to find chaos as Joseph and Sarah had beaten them there. Carla's father, engraged to find out Joseph was still alive, Causes a riot. Escaping from the Insanity, Marcus and Carla escape the chaos, after there hasty retreat, they make love in the hotel they are staying it, But then their door is broken down. When Marcus looks up to find Carla standing at the door way, And it turns out Sarah is Carlas Twin sister. Like i said, this was good

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Good job.

This made me laugh. Then my dog saw part of it and raped my gold fish.


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my ears *ears explode*

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Spoony-McSpoon responds:

Sorry but I shoved a new version (with much nudity) on my site:

Please be sure to watch it!