High Voltage

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ahhhhh i feel so proud
this is the first of a new seires
about fred and his buddy ed
i wont reveal much more exept that the second one is on its way bigger and better.

Ah fuck it the next one will e ready when its done


I have a sense of humor

But this was not funny. Have you ever considered getting out of your own little world and doing something meaningful with your life?


Well first about the movie, I am a fan of stick movies, only because with them you have more freedom and easier body movement, This movie could have easily been done without sticks, and it would have been better. The voices sounded bad, if yer voices sound that crappy use message boxes instead. I didnt find anything to funny, except i thought u had a decent taste in music, except for the last 2 crap songs by limp and emencrap. Then i read the reviews, and u exclaim how That song is by Linkin Park. That showed me yer just another media driven freak, band gets popular so u go listen to em to be cool. Pathetic. If you knew anything about that band u would know that song was Written by Hybrid Theory, before 3 of the 6 members joinn Linkin Park. In other words this actually goes against some copy right laws cause u didnt give Hybrid Theory any credit. In closing, dont flame others when you suck, get yer own style of music not whats popular now, and get a life. Im not sure why this wasnt blammed but meh. Latah

jacksoto2008 responds:

actually ive only been listening to linkin park for about a month now
the only album iv'e got is meteora
and i only downloaded high voltage because i like linkin park and the song had the same name as the title :P
and obviously youv'e been listening to them since they came out youve probaly got all thier stuff joined thier fan club and made a personal shrine. i didnt pick those last 2 songs. loinel
did! i don't particually like them especially eninem >:P so in conclusion
i am only 13 years old im an australian
and obviously you have no sense of humour!

The only good about THIS animation...

the music and the train coming out of the guy's mouth at the "Replay" screen.

jacksoto2008 responds:

yeah, everyone likes the train

nice sticks... good sicks... dead stics!

An Okay movie. It would have gotten a much lower score if it weren't made of sticks.

jacksoto2008 responds:

thanks i knew everybody liked sticks so i used them

The Preloader

and the prealoader don't work.

jacksoto2008 responds:

thank's, i'll fix it now!

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Credits & Info

2.45 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2003
3:07 AM EST
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