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3 Guys Episode #3

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Hello ppl! I finally got off my lazy arse (well... metaphorically speaking, as flash making isn't exactly a standing, actively dynamic job) and uploaded the third section of that thing we did in school. (Refer to #2 for more complete backstory, refer to some day's obituaries for #1) What else, what else... Oh, yes, right, this *is* crappier graphically than Extended fight part 1, because it was done earlier. Anything else? meeeh... a... yeah um... if you don't know what the disclaimer about the little girl is, ask in reviews. I tend to get so few of those that I can answer everyone of them.

Fare thee well, go with Gawd.



Captain Jack: In The Navy '99 was in it! I love that song! <3 It's a great DDR song!

Canada sux

Thats right, Canadian bastards up north deserve to get blammed. Not really. But the flash did suck man.

This is simply crap

The only thing funny about this flash is that it poled fun at French Canadians. Other that that, it was simply crap, and althouhg this may sound harsh, this flash doesn't deserve to survive

MUDMAN responds:

It does. See for yourself, it's still there. Oh, and for the usual rebutal used in the ng forums, Flash by miguelc100 : -- None --


This was a peice of crap, seriously. There was no animation, just things moving. Not to mention you ripped off The Simpsons. I'm sorry, but this doesn't deserve to make it past judgment...

MUDMAN responds:

Seems the majority of people, ie: What creates a sense of normality, thought it did, and you're not part of it.
And I saw that Simpsons episode after making the flash, but anyway, listen to the song. It's one of the most obvious funny ways to use it. If we were to be blamed (or blammed) everytime we involutarily or voluntarily copied something of the Simpsons, there would be like less than 1k movies on ng. And I am glad that you cannot reply to that, for I see your 'there would be 1k of non-crap on ng' coming from miles away.

Not much to do there in Quebec, huh?

You should be doing more 'posh ups' and less flash.

MUDMAN responds:

How informative! Your constructive criticism really helps me for future works. Thank you very much for this review, you are really an assCOUGH... an assCOUGH... an asset to anyone you allow the honor of reviewing their work, and, I'll say it again, your review was a pure piece of shCOUGH... sheer brillance. I shall stop improving RIGHT NOW and follow your godly advice of never persevering in anything if my first try ever has a few flaws in it. Thank you again.

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2.55 / 5.00

Dec 18, 2003
9:50 PM EST
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