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tout le monde!

[edit] I'm less than impressed with the sheer amount of retarded xenophobes commenting on this animation. If you don't like the animation fine. If you don't like the animation because it has anything to do with France then you make me sick. Get a brain you idiots.

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What an entertaining music video

First of all the color is amazing and the fresh like art and characters the music was nice too, Now I dont get to see much of these at times but What an entertaining music video you have created here and have showcased it well with some interesting scenes and points, I was pretty impressed with it from start to finish you braught out the best in this.

doesnt need any


This has always been one of my favorite videos ever since I saw it on your site way back in the day. The catchy tune has always been one of my favorites, and I love showing this to people just to see how they react.

I would leave it at that, but you and I are of a mind about the sheer amount of retarded xenophobes. I always took this as more of a spin on the "place in France" rhyme from grade school than anything actually related to the French. I didn't care for France at all when I first saw this, and I still loved it. Even if I still didn't like the french (I was in Paris when I was a kid and it turned me of to France for the longest time, up until a few years ago) it didn't and wouldn't stop me enjoying this video. A little research into history have made me appreciate France and realize that their reputation as appeasers who couldn't win a war is completely undeserved.

I hope anyone whose French feels honored to have their country in your vids.

Viva la France!

Great to see another cartoon. I seriously think you might be the most prolific cartoonist here. You know, in terms of cartoons made by a single person. I seem to be reviewing a lot of lower case titles lately. It's so unpredictable. I wasn't expecting a dick to appear.

Shouldn't this have the A rating? Well, I'm glad it didn't. There would be odd porn ads in the side bars. I loved the random lyrics. I thought underpants was just mondegreen at first.

LOL at bird reacting to the Frenchman's penis. It is priceless!

I'm not a fan of the epilleptic inducing dancing asterisks, but I do dig the Elvis insertion and the bird that decides he is going to sing along. His expression to the Frenchman in the end is priceless, but I'm more concerned with the shock value bombing as compared to Weebl's normal humor. It just doesn't fit, sorry.

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4.07 / 5.00

Dec 18, 2003
8:52 PM EST