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Malachi animated this music video as a sort of "opening animation" for an episode of Pink Lemonade. Although the characters look a little different and the backdrop is a little pulpier, it's a fun teaser for the Pink Lemonade OVA series, introducing all the major characters in a frantic flythrough!

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This is strange... yet slightly funny

I love the animation. Alot better than most. It's very cute, but I think that you made Jadie just a tad bit more childish than she should be. You want them to know that she is Misty's lover, not her daughter from a very early teenage pregnancy or her sister. And you forgot Drink... Poor Drink. I'm doing you justice and announcing that you are the robot that serves drinks at Dart's Diner.
I thought the ending was funny. But then again, a space craft gone haywire flying threw a diner was pretty hillarious... And I think that you captured Pepper pretty well. Drowning her depression in a tall drink.

touched responds:

You're right that Malachi did make Jadie look very kiddish. But, in the official releases she looks exactly as she does on the site, as you can see in the screenshots. ^^ Actually, Drink *was* in this video, very briefly, in the same shot as the one where you saw Pickle at the bar with the tall drink (Pepper's the one with orange hair).

Sensory Bombardment

Wow, I think I blinked and missed it...
What I did catch was good...I think, the epilepsy hasn't quite worn off yet...

You have an opening video, now a few episodes wouldn't be bad...

is pink lemonade an anime?

is pepper lgay and not the happy one also no offense.

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I like the concept here. Then again, it may be due to the fact that I am a horny teenager. Enough about that rubbish... The animation seems to be of a brilliant quality for flash, I have little experience in flash, but I do see that some work went into this. The music flows nicely with the the intro here, despite what anyone says (though, it is opinion more than anything else). Kudos to Shawn the Touch for this lovely piece of work, kudos to Malachi for the animation here, and special kudos to Vanilla Almond Creme for the absolutely astronomical music. Thank you guys, I want to see more.

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Nice nice nice nice nice!! >=3!! Very good intro, and kuddos on the name. It makes perfect sence, seeing as what your promiting ^_^ I APPROVE! xD!

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Dec 17, 2003
3:35 AM EST
Music Video
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