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Malachi animated this music video as a sort of "opening animation" for an episode of Pink Lemonade. Although the characters look a little different and the backdrop is a little pulpier, it's a fun teaser for the Pink Lemonade OVA series, introducing all the major characters in a frantic flythrough!

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Well, the graphics are good...

... Buuuut that's about all this two-bit anime-wannabe has going for it. The sound was mediocre at best, and it really didn't add any sort of hype to this promo, let alone inspire me to watch any more of it. The style is, as I've said before, cliche and unoriginal. Sure, you came up with your own characters, but so have a ton of other people. Welcome to the cesspool of wannabe-animes. Stop cranking out this crap.

these are starting to get realy old and anoying...

you seem to be very good at everything you do. But i want to ask you something. What kind of sick fantasy porn world do you live in where all the women are sexy (i know thats an anime thing because i am also a huge anime fan) but I mean c'mon! seriously there are no guy characters in this story or anime or OVA or whatever it is. I also hate it that the women are dykes!

touched responds:

My world seems to be a lot bigger than your closed-minded little homophobic world, from this and your reviews of my other stuff which are little more than rants against human nature. I said it before, stop watching my stuff. You won't find anything you like, and I'm not making it for you.




This is one hell of a flash video.Im suprised this didn't make frontpage.The style of art is familiar.

I like the cut of your jib

This movie is the tops, don't get me wrong. But after I found out that everybody on the show is a muff-diver the name "Pink Lemonade" gained another meaning, pretty funny, but not as cute as before. Oh yeah, and how do they have babies?

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4.03 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2003
3:35 AM EST
Music Video
  • Daily 2nd Place December 18, 2003