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Malachi animated this music video as a sort of "opening animation" for an episode of Pink Lemonade. Although the characters look a little different and the backdrop is a little pulpier, it's a fun teaser for the Pink Lemonade OVA series, introducing all the major characters in a frantic flythrough!

Update: Traffic to my site got so high the server started denying visitors. I've just moved it to a new server. Most of the content should now be available to all visitors.


I beg you!!!

SHAWN please continue this series, I remember seeing this a few years ago and I always check up on it thinking "Has he made any recent episodes lately of Pink Lemonade?" Man, I'm a total sucker for these kinds of series and which makes me despret to know if your going to continue it, I know your busy due to Drow tales but at least show us a teaser that this wonderful series is still alive. I dont know what it is exactly but I'm either addicted to the fact that your style is too cute or maybe its the fact that it looks like the only gender I've seen so far is girls.... he he he,,, umm but yeah, Please let your fans know!

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Well 2 actually.

1. When is the Pink Lemonade series coming out, whether that be on DVD or on your site or whatever, and...

2. How old is Jadie supposed to be? I mean no offense but...she kinda looks like she's just a little kid...while Misty looks a lot more adult. I don't mean to offend you but when I first saw my first Pink Lemonade picture, I was like "Oh my God is this anime kiddie hentai?!" Hehe, but that's just my curiosity talking. Thanks!

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touched responds:

Jadie is just petite, she's not a kid. She does appear younger in this particular video, but this video is not in my own style.

As for the timeline, I've made some breakthroughs recently which are speeding things up, but I need to get everything through this bloody bottleneck. I'm going to have a little teaser up on the site within a week or so, I think.

Please don't forget this series!

Ya know, Drow Tales Shrow Tales I wanna see more of this! *Bursts into tears* I'm begging you, please work on this series! These are so good, believe it or not, this is my second favorite anime, first is Evangelion (only subs, seeing as dubs rip up my heart and makes me puke. Second only to Eva! *Hugs plushies of Rei, Asuka, and Shinji(sp? haven't seen it in a while)* Anyways update or millions of angry fanboys like me will stalk you, and eventually release nukes, skunks, evil tvs, hurricanes, Fulps and pasta, all of mass destruction. ^^

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touched responds:

It hasn't been abandoned, I promise. ^^

shawn Oo

hey, shawn, I love you ! X_X


Is this a real series? Because if it is, that would be awesome. A really sweet video. I watched the other flashes you have and they also rule. Oh, and that song is really catchy too. Make more! Oh, you are now one of my favorite flash artist. Congrats!

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Dec 17, 2003
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