FFVI:The Return part1

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Insprited by Vinstigator.I decided to make thos after watchign Vinstigator's FFVI:The day After series,I jotted down a script and here it is,enjoy!P.S.you have to click on the openeing text to begin the movie.


Moved too slowly

The very begging wiht the text seemd to take a really long to to go through. Also I got tired of clicking all the time. you should have the text and stuff rtiun at a reading pace and put in less clicks.
Using sprites do limit you what you can do, but I thought the movemnet you did was good.

Cactusjuice responds:

Thanks for the review,i'll take your advice on the text in my next movie

love kefkas new laugh lol

good...but not as good as the day after series,but still good


this was a good starting point in this flash try to make the next better and use Kefka's oringal evil laugh

Good start

It was actually a really good start. You opened up many possibilities... however yes keep the origional laugh and maybee improve on the battle system a bit. Overall very good, looking forward to next 1... if thery'll be 1. which there should

Cactusjuice responds:

Thanks alot man,I started on number 2 a few days after number 1 but lost interest in flash and stopped,however what I did make I considered to be betetr than number 1 and the battles I made were hand drawn so i mixwed sprites and hand drawn stuff,mainly because I believed i could get more out of the battlesi f they wereh and drawn and i have,i added special effects including lightning bolts and things,storyline is cool....but i've forgotten it lol,i'll have to find my flash disc,reinstall it and finish it up(hoping to get an award for it),thanks again man,i've just been re-inspired!!!I've got some revision to do but hopefully i'll get round to it soon.

Good FF Parody

Just a couple suggestions, use Kefka's orginal laugh, and have the make your next one so you don't have to click the text, that got a little annoying, other than that great flash.

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3.62 / 5.00

Dec 14, 2003
12:53 PM EST
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