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Talon Episode II

rated 3.50 / 5 stars
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Dec 13, 2003 | 11:46 PM EST

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Author Comments

I cut it very close. I had planned to relaese it to day, but wasnt sure I would make it. But I did. I worked my ass off on this thing. For all 4 of you who liked episode I, this makes it look like a piece of crap. oh and it has a story. if your confused, good, it will all be answered by the time episode V is released. Enjoy!



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good, but sound bad.

There was such a difference between the shooting noise and the talking noise i mised the plot because i had to turn the volume way down. Other than that pretty good.

EclipseNine responds:

sorry, ill work on that.


Rated 3 / 5 stars


i see your attemt to make animation easier by not having no legs or realistic arms doesnt everyone like too find an easier way.
other than that you have a great concept goin on there clean up the graphics and youll be hittin the high road.

EclipseNine responds:

thanks, glad you liked it


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I saw this movie a while back on the portal and really liked it, but i didnt have an account so i couldnt review it. i was too lazy to get one until now. ne way this movie kicks ass. about the story tho? where is it? i can tell its there but i dont know where it is. it would be really cool if u added like lighting effects and stuff, improved the action and make the fps a little higher.

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EclipseNine responds:

all those improvements are in the works and talon III will make episode II look like shit, just like talon II made episode I look like shit. as for the story ill explain the story up through episode II. basically talon(main char) is a hitman and he recieves a hit on a person who he knows( episode I) you dont know he knows him yet so you just watch him try and kill the guy, only to fail. then in the begining of episode II you see hime back at his "house" trying to find the guy. he finds out where he might be, grabs his guns and leaves. in his car he has a flashback to 5 years before. back to when he was teamed up with this guy(jay). they are given a hit to retrieve a millitary cloning(project omar) project and kill the man who stole it(raven). at the end of the action jay has the project and betrays talon. thats the end of episode II. episodes II and III are flash backs while episodes I, IV, and V are in the present. the random faceless guards are the results of the project. but they are stupid due to a flaw in the project. the rest, you have to wait for.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

bill please find your balls and then eat them

bill, i have seen both movies, and this is by far the gayest of them all. why did you take a cool person and make him gay by putting him in this movie. andy was cool, and still sorta is, but he has dropped down a notch in my ladder of coolness. i didnt know you could get so gay. bill why dont you keep that thumb up your ass and off the keyboard. you probably know who this is, please respond to this. how could you be so gay and have your cousin cum all over you, just so you can make this shitty movie. please never make another movie again. if you ever make another one, i will personally beat the shit out of you so you can never use your fingers again. quit wettin the bed and stickin your finger up your ass. we know the reason why your hair is white.

-- droog master

EclipseNine responds:

Whats up fat ass. Wow im not sure where to start. first you couldn't kick my ass if there was fucking food riding on the fight. second, you not poor you greasy prick, you got a fucking Ipod and your parents drive a lexkus suv. "steal from the rich and give to the poor" you live in hinsdale for shits sake. if your computer werent so "poor" i would send you flash, but then again I dont think newgrounds needs you making gay poon. "find my balls and eat them"? when was the last time you saw your "balls". it seems like it would be difficult to push the tits and you masive gut aside. "Eat them"? When was the last time you ate?Merry Christmas Fudge Packer.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

You Bastard...

The Characters move a bit too fast. With the bullet you could have added a chrome gradient too it. The Characters look like something from the Madness series. I couldn't hear a thing on the message box. Why would they shoot random people? In a real simulation agents would want too conserve ammunition with non-lethal force.
But hey wheres the entertainment in that.
Good Job!

EclipseNine responds:

Wow im surprised ne1 is still watching this. Neway, im getting sick of the madness comparisons! turn ulp the volume for the voices. Conserve amunition? non letal force? what fun would that be? as to why they shoot random people crank up your volume to find out.