December 13, 2003 –
October 16, 2018
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Best game haha x"D
I love the game, is so derp and fun, I recommend to people not to play in easy mode is way to easy you are like a god I recommend hard mode but if is too hard for you (I see that mode aceptable) them use normal

I think this game should be T, maybe, because of the language, but is censored so meh I don't know, nice game man

<deleted> responds:

Thanks dude!

very good keep it up

verry good but it's kinda short and easy but otherwise it's pretty damn good all in all i would play it again


the thing about this game is that it's too easy.i completed it on my second try getting perfect scores on every level.its well animated and everything works,if you make another then make it harder.try to make so that the enimies duck too and pop out in random places.and throw snowballs more frequently.
Comment:good game,could be a lot harder.


I love getting perfect all the way through. It's not that tough though. It was cool that the latter level some of them were tossin at different times, but I still didn't have any trouble timing it. It would be kinda kewl if ya had a 'wall' that you could hide behind and it would be destroyed if you hid under it too long. Or something like that to give it an even bigger challenge. OR hell, have it so that they just throw more snowballs faster. Meh, it's a good game. Don't bother listening to me. lol


Nice Game. Theres only one problem, it goes off screen when you get near the sides.
Overall its a good game.
Great job on this.

Much better.

The problems of the older version are gone, this doesn't however mean the origanal concept was any good to begin with. In it's own right its good for what it is, maybe you should think about how you could add to this to make it a game to talk about.

good but

didnt u use flash kit to make that snow in the tutorials and if you did why didnt you say and if you didnt never mind


Great game. It's a cool idea and you got your cool 3D graphics in with it. I like how you still had your swearing after you hit the people. Nice job, really funny, really good game

Not too Bad.

I like it since it reminds me of "Time Crisis"

It would make the front page for shure if it had power up, and more levels.

This has my vote.


You can tell it's gonna be a good game when you can stick some white stuff in some guy's face... Did that sound at all gay? No really did it?

Pretty cool

That game was pretty cool its fun but gets boring after a while but i like alot of the 3d stuff you do keep it up.

Well, you got skills, but the game is IMPOSSIBLE

and keeps it from being much fun. Nice graphics etc. though, would've been great if you could hit the snowballs and break them.

Not your best

But i liked it. Damn near impossibler to not get hit. but you pulled it off oretty goopd. good job

Not too bad.

Again, Wolvie. Filling the portal with sub-standard 3-d Animation.

Graphics weren't too great, the sound was repetative, but it fit pretty good and didn't get annoying, so no complaints there.

The game play was repetative, but it was reasonably well done. Kept me playing for a few minutes.

You should add a feature where if you hit them in the body or the arm a few times, they fall down that way, rather than just the face.

Bad graphics, nothing too original, but all in all, not a bad job.

Better than the first.

That was way better than Snowball-Fight-3D-I in a bunch of ways. I didn't think that it was possible for you to improve upon the game, but you sure as hell proved me wrong.


wolvie dude, once again you surprise me with this 3D shit ;) i love the way you do it, keep it up.. you da man :D booyeah ;)


<deleted> responds:

RICE AND FLO! Good to see yah hope to see some new RicenFlo flashes too =]

pretty decent

kind of basic game though

played twice, took 48 shots, hit 49,
for 102% accuracy

Great Fun

Addicting game that had me till the end. I beat it, it was easy, very good job though.

*HINT*: Duck every new scene of enemies, and wait 1 second after you hear the 'whish.wav' of the enemy throwing, then get up from ducking and hit them. You will never get hit!


You can only kill them without being hit by spaz clicking. No fun. When you moved around it was cool but other graphics sucks and gameplay boring. Try and some more features like snowball reserve and special snowballs, then it be cool nad different. Wow, my first constructive review. I hope you die.

<deleted> responds:

Press spacebar to duck.

Concept = A+

perfect holiday game. If i had to say anything, try improving the graphics of the enemies. That face is hideous...it makes me want to hit it more!

<deleted> responds:

Cool thanks!

Fun 4 the holidays!

Great game and kool idea!

<deleted> responds:

Thanx bro!

Realy fun

it was fun.

i liked it a lot, needed more levels tho

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Code red in the heezy fo sheezy!

That was pretty cool.

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Sweeet thanks dood!

great game its awsome

its great but its still too easy

<deleted> responds:

Thanks the final version will have a mega-hard boss, and an option for setting the difficulty.

Nice game !

I like it... But i want to know, how u made ur characters 3D. U use swift or something like that? Hope you can tell me...

<deleted> responds:

Thanks I use Carrara 2.0


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