Fly Away

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A little 4 day project that I am quite proud of. Watch it a few times to see if you can spot some connections.



Any asinine reviewers that struts by this and shits all over it with their 0 reviews should be skinned alive. I thought this movie was inspiring and beautiful and delivers a great message. Fuck the haters, dont make happy smiley shit. Stand up for your ideas. Depressing shit is simply being realistic. Great work. Encore.

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Wow gee

My god that was pretty damn amazing. Your idea of the future is bleak, however, is very realistic. Yet, you are historically inaccurate. Marx wrote the "Communist Manifesto," not Mein Kampf. Hitler was so goddamn anti-socialist and anti-communist, he almost took more love in killing them. Marx would have been shunned by a Nazi-like system. Yet, it still tells a greusome tale of politics gone shitasitc. Good job.

That was pretty good, but.....

Man was that depressing. Cute puppies dieing don't exactly make me happy. You need a little work on your animation, but overall, this was good. It's nice to see something that differs a little from the norm. Just work a little on the art and animation and you should produce very successful flashes.


Very political,even in utopia a man can wish to kill himself,but taking the evil doer with him along the way!Keep up with this kind of flash and you migth do very well in the future.

you should make a happy one

with flowers. flowers are happy. you should make one with happy flowers...and singing...happy singing flowers..tee hee yay!

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3.79 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2003
8:55 PM EST
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