Ditlosse 2

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Ive been working on this for the last 3 months, took me 59 hours, and i made 3 versions of this untill i thought it was the best it could be. Enjoy!

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This was pretty cool. But some of the stuff was stale. If you want some funny scripts just email me tmdcarney@msn.com also if you need a voice actor email me. It would be cool makeing this a not just a good series. But a GuuuuREAT series. ahem yeah. need to work on gfx, Can't help on that though

The Macintosh Computer Hater Says....

well, it was pretty long, i'll give it that. it kinda drug on, tho, and some of the jokes were kinda lame. no matter how hard you try, you can't make a Richard Simmons gay referrence funny anymore. However, whacking that dude with the barbed-wire bat/2x4 and antiquing the babbling dude/chick (i couldn't tell) and the sudden appearance of Kool-ain man... those were funny, along with a few other things. you could probably save on file size a bit by reducing the quality of the music you used. Nero Wave Editor's my personal choice.

just a little more effort on the animation quality and some of the jokes and this series could be a masterpiece. keep going.

Stupid random shit--I love it!

Dude, when Misteroo and Neutrino retire, you will be the king of segue-free, nonsensical pseudo-stories with intentionally poor graphics and anachronistic references. Continue honing whatever skill is required for being completely random, Grasshopper!

Blackshadowent responds:


Not really....

Everthing was just so boring dude, you even managed to screw a good v*g*n* joke by making it for last like 30 secs!

Even those voices are boring, did you guys ever heard of intonation???

Not worthy to be on NG... sry

Really good.

Hmm it seems people shit on this cuz its sticks. I dont prefer stick movies, but this makes them look good. This deserves a 3.00 +. Oh well. My best advice is to get some flashy characters.

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Dec 12, 2003
5:19 AM EST
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