Pill Pong

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Hey this is my first game where I actually tried coding some stuff. Different color blocks are supposed to take a different amount of hits. I originally had sound but the game dragged on my comp so I opted out of it. Hope you all like it.


Preddy good

It's ok, the ideas good and the graphics are good...but some sund/music and extra colour would be making it look and seem better.


i loved it a lot!

Neeto idea

Hey- I liked your game. A nice twist on Aarkanoid games. I just wish there was sound! It gets kinda dull to play when there are no nifty sound effect to keep ya entertained. Other than that pretty nice....and maybe speed it up a lil. Still cool game though.

Cool, dude

It was pretty much like a hell of a lot of other games on NG except this one had diffrent modes. Normal=normal (duh) Weed= slower and speed= faster. That was a great feature. Anyways the game itself is cool. Nice job, nice job


Well some music and sound affects would have added very nicly to this odd idea for a game. Also it was a funny idea to have the current drug listings to show what you need to get/or giving you special "powers". The gameplay changed when each drug was found and that was well done. overall a simple pong game with a trwist of a drug theme.

good graphics but some sounds and music are needed.

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3.20 / 5.00

Dec 11, 2003
1:51 AM EST
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