Poninjas Episode Four

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[top score: 4.11] Episode four of the Poninjas Series! (actually it's #3 if you don't count Eggzmaster's thing) anyway...

-I tried using a bit of a different style in this one, with traps and guns and stuff
-Everyone wanted a harder boss, so... [sniggers evily]
-This episode features the Needler (the wierd purple-ish gun) from the game HALO: Combat Evolved!
-Yea, yea... the boss dies in only one hit. Well, our hero does have awsome skillz, so you can't blame him for being really strong... >=)

Oh btw, my email: AngryMouse@san.rr.com


ya know there is something that irks me...

I love you flash but it is dumb people.. that know nothing about ninjitsu weaponry... or japanese weaponry in general. like there will be some dumbass calling a katana...a gitana..and I am like W...TF, or how about when ppl call nunchaku (nunchuks) NUMBCHUCKS... and how about this the swords that ninjas use arent Katana. the are know by two names Ninjato... or ninja-ken. DAMN people DO SOME FUCKIN REASERCH kattan are longe than ninjato and have an slight arc ninjato are straight for faster kill . if you could in your next flash... use an kusari gama it is a sickle/scythe with a long ass chain and a weight at the end look it up and great flash sayonara. and fuck all you martial arts wannabe ignorami punk ass bitches kiss my (_Y_) ass

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But madness is still ahead of the body count and variety of weapons. BTW, Timothy he didn't make #3, his friend did.


Thank you!
You stopped doing that crappy animating!
This was the best episode yet!
The slow-mo pieces are getting better and better, also the needler made me laugh.

I saw a NEEDLER!

Do you play halo, and got the needler idea? Cuz that was a preety cool use of it right there.


Another quality installment in the much-followed Poninjas series. Lives up to all the hype. By the way I loved the Wolfenstein easter egg hidden in there. 'Wolfenstein w00t!' *chuckles reverendly*

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4.11 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2003
8:07 PM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place December 11, 2003