Point Blank Pete

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This is my first 1, so go easy . If every1 finks its half decent ill make anotha, mch beta with an actual story line! Hope u enjoy ...



that was excellent for a first timer! however, i noticed u copied a bit from max payne...i 4got which movie, but it was really cool, and ive only seen it on albinoblacksheep.com...but it was very good. 3/5

it was ok

it was alright, the style is pretty good except you've gotta make the animations smoother. maybe some tweens. also, detail the flashes from the guns and the little hit sparks better, even though it's a stick movie the smoke and bullet impacts should be more detailed i think

it was standard fare

stick figure movie....

i thought your movie was ok, but i lowered the score because i hate stick figure movies. the music made it a bit better. I think you could make a much better flash if you avoid the sticks.

not bad

sounds were a little bit off, bur pretty nice movie

Good job

Hey, for a first-timer, you're pretty good!
But like Nowan said: Just try to get off the stickfiguren, it limits you to much...
Make more! I'll be lokking forward to it!

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2.26 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2003
12:52 PM EST
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